…We Are Precious in HIS Sight…

There are a few things I feel I need to address. I have said before, I have felt the call to reach out to young women and teenage girls and their ministry. So this post may seem a little different, but I hope and pray you will get something out of this.

My heart is heavy. Actually, my heart is broken. I am different than most my age. I actually enjoy watching the news, but lately I am completely disgusted. I’m not just disgusted by the news, but by social media. Society has ruined the minds of not just the younger generation, but also my fellow peers. So let me start small before I am bombarded by comments and opinions.

Society has put into our heads this image of what women, and men, should look like. The known “average” is now to look like a Victoria Secret model. While I will agree that they are all beautiful, they are realistic. Magazines, movies, television, and social media have said what we should wear, say, and even eat to be like everyone else. But when did it become that we needed to be like everyone else and for us not to be ourselves? Many of the girls that I have had the pleasure of spending time with have expressed to me the pressure of being like everyone else. They are so worried about looking a certain way and being a certain way instead of being who they truly are. So here is what I tell them in case you were wondering:

God made you for YOU. He did not create you to be like everyone else. Every single person he created was exactly how he meant to create you. He did intend for us all to be the same. Psalms 139 is my favorite chapter of the bible. God knew who we were before we were born, He knew every single strand of hair on our head before we were created in our Mother’s womb. He makes no mistakes. Maybe you can’t sing or write, but I guaranty you have a gift. Use that gift that he gave you. You are made that way he wanted you to be, and I think that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

The woman at the well. One of my favorite bible stories. She believed she could not be forgiven and knew of others talking about her because of her past. But Jesus loved her. He forgave her for her sins. Instead of refusing her or judging her, he asked for a drink of water and told her she would never thirst again. We serve an AMAZING, LOVING, and FORGIVING God.


We also serve a God who loves us the way he created us. Charlottesville has completely broken my heart. This is not a race issue. This is a non-believers issue. God created us all. He did create one race to be higher than the other. Last time I checked, Jesus was not white American man. He was a Jew that dies on a cross for not just me, but you. He died for us ALL. God sent his son to die for our sins and that means every race, person, and country. I pray for the victims of this ridiculous outbreak of anger, loneliness, and starve for attention. I pray for this cry of being lost. White Nationalist, KKK, or Neo-Nazi, none are higher that one another. There is fault on all sides. We are not different. All are the same. We are SINNERS. I pray for their hearts and they find the Truth.

We are all precious in his sight: red, yellow, black, and white. We are his children. My sister made a shirt not to long before the news broke with Charlottesville. ( Which if you would like one, she is selling them. $20. Just shoot me an email that’s listed in my bio. ) Now I feel we need to be reminded on this. We are precious in his sight. All of us. 


  I pray for our country. I pray for the ones who do not know you. I pray they find you Father. I pray that they open their hearts to realize we are all loved by you and we are all the same. I pray they realize we serve a forgiving and loving father. I pray they realize you sent your Son to die on a cross for us all…not just one race. You created us to love or neighbor. I pray they realize their wrongs and follow you. I pray for safety over our country. I pray for comfort as we begin healing. Father you are the way. I pray we follow you. We love you. – Amen 


5 thoughts on “…We Are Precious in HIS Sight…

  1. Chris Carter (@themomcafe) says:

    Yes to all of your points in this post! I too Love Psalm 139 and read it to my kids in my teen ministry often. Each one of them is fearfully and wonderfully made- with God’s UNFAILING love. This world is showing it’s ugly underbelly and the recent violence and hate is appalling. Thank you for the message of God’s Truth in loving ALL His children. That t shirt is awesome.


  2. Chioma says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Though, I believe it is still a race issue and a lack of Christ’s love. May come from a wrong interpretation of who God is (for the believers) or not being able to love like God because they don’t know him ( for the unbelievers).


  3. Becca - A Well Watered Woman says:

    Yes! I have been saying for a long time that this country is lacking in faith and Christ’s love and we’re watching the results of that unfold right in front of our eyes. I also believe that we were warned by Jesus that this was going to happen in Matthew 24:10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and Matthew 24:12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,


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