The View is Great

About 99% of the time I write about praying for my future husband….so I hope you don’t think this post will be any different. I really don’t know much of having a husband….I don’t have one. But I know what it’s like to pray for them. I know what it’s like to dream of whom God has chosen for you. One thing I know is that every one has an idea of whom they are going to marry. Now in my mind…I was going to marry Tim Tebow. He loves the Lord, he loves missions, and he plays for the Mets. **Be right back. Currently swooning** But the Lord has someone for me that in my opinion is A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER that Tebow. 
 I know for a fact that everything I THINK is the plan and what I need, is not what God wants for me. Now he may have it planned for Tim and I to meet one day. But he also has it planned for me to marry someone that loves the lord just as much or more, loves mission work and kids, and loves baseball. ( I won’t say loves the Mets because let’s be honest, I live in Braves Territory) 
A couple of months ago I met this guy. Now I did not look for this guy, the Lord opened doors for me to meet him. He has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. He is a man that prays for me AND with me. He leads me spiritually and cares for me. Now what is the problem…there has to be one right??
I constantly look for the negative things. I look for the things that can go wrong. I was known to some of my friends as the “runaway bride.” I get scared when I have to face serious things. I’m a runner. But this guy…he challenges me. He has me face what I normally would run from. He challenges me to face my fears and overcome them. He prays over my struggles so that WE can overcome them together. He reminds me I’m never alone. He challenges me to grow. 
To be honest with you, the day we met I was a little scared. I knew going to meet him that things were going to be different. But I am SO thankful that I did not chicken out. The moment we met God literally turned my head and said, ” That’s him!” I would be lying if I didn’t say that it scared the bananas out of me! But it was the best feeling I could have asked for. 

 I am so thankful to have met this man. I’m thankful I get to grow spiritually and in love with him. Instead of looking for the negative. I’m going to look for the positive. That’s all I see. 

People say life’s a climb, but the view is great. You should see the view from my eyes. 


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