Let it be Done

“Let it be done just as you believed it would.” -Matthew 3:18 
  About 5 years ago, I was living away from home. I was a college kid trying to find her own way. But I began to find someone that was DEFINITELY not whom God intended for me to be. I began to argue with my mother daily, I argued with myself, and unfortunately started arguing with God. I did my best to run from him and everything he called me to be. For some reason, I found myself angry and questioning everything. Why? Who knows. I still have yet to figure out the exact reason for me to act the way I did. But when I was fed up with it all, he was there to pick me up off the ground. God was always there. 

God meant it when he said he could give and take away. I began putting so many things ahead of him. I was a college cheerleader. I was starting to get leads in the musical program. I had the boyfriend that everyone wanted…I was living the life that I believed everyone wanted….that I believed I wanted. I was wrong. I may have thought those were what I needed but to be honest the only thing I needed was our Heavenly Father. 

I became injured so I couldn’t cheer anymore. My health just wasn’t well enough anymore. I lost my music scholarship. And that boy that was so “perfect” for me left.I was on the ground begging for something. Just to feel something in my time of wants. Yeah…you read that right…time of wants. It was not my time of need. My time of need was when I was on the floor crying out for forgiveness because all the worldly things didn’t matter anymore. 

The Lord works in mysterious ways. In the summer when I was confused and looking for answers, God opened a door. Not the door I prayed for though. He opened a door for me to travel and spread his word. Now I, again, began to argue with God. He was calling me to do something out of my comfort zone. He called me to serve him in the mission field. 

*gulp* what? 

I kept asking God, “Why me? How? How could you call me to this? There are so many people that are better at this than me!” And no lie, clear as day, he replied, ” I have opened this door. Take it. TRUST ME!” So I did just that. I trusted him. I followed him. He led me to Billings, Montana. And BOY did he answer my prayers. He showed me exactly who I was and what he intended on me to be. 

God placed me in a church that had recently gone through what my home church went through. I knew how things were going to end but my Montana family needed me. They needed a prayer warrior. They needed someone that would just hold their hand when they needed it. To be honest, they needed a little southern charm. And I needed a little Montana air. He had me work with small children and youth. He had me become a big sister to many girls that I miss every day. They needed me and I needed them. I met a man that not only is like a father to me, that is a non-believer but I know God is working on him. I see it daily. I met 4 Montana Mommas that took me in and helped raise me the last three years. I have made family and friends back in my Montana home. (It’s one of my many homes.) I miss them dearly but the Lord is using them I know it. 

    Now he didn’t call me to be a professional cheerleader…AND YES THAT EXISTS! He didn’t call me to be a singer/songwriter or model living in Dallas. He didn’t give me the guy that I believed was everything. Because he wasn’t my everything. The Lord is my everything. He literally put me on this world and he can literally take me out. So I must serve him. I must serve him where he calls. Plus he knows what’s best for me. 

    The moral of me telling this long story is this…wait for the lord. In his timing, he will show you the way. I pray for you as you pray for me. I pray if you are struggling that you will give it all to God. Don’t be like me. I’m am a stubborn person. When he calls you, follow him. Let it be done, just as he says it to be. 


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