To the One Who Couldn’t Give me Time…

I had this friend. He was my best friend. He knew me better than I knew myself it seemed like. But he had to drop this gigantic bomb on me….that he could possibly have feelings for me. 

**Excuse me while I freak out a little bit**

How could he drop a bomb like that? How could it be that I could possibly have feelings for him back? I never thought this would actually happen. But it did. 

So you’re probably thinking, ” Why are you not happy? Be together!” Right? Well wrong. I have recently stopped seeing someone. Someone that ,although we were not serious, I actually liked. (Yes, it didn’t work out for the best. But let’s be honest, I was committed.) I needed a little time to think things over. I needed to make sure that I was ready for someone. Ready to make a serious relationship move…because everyone knows I have a track record with heartbreak and relationship failures. I needed time to PRAY about it. But that seemed to be asking a lot of him. 

I didn’t want to lose a friendship that formed over the last decade. I didn’t want to lose a friendship that I cherished with all my heart. But some how, I did. He was impatient. He decided for me what I was thinking. He became like every guy that I have ever known. 

So here’s a little side note for all the guys crushing on the best friend…tell her (because girls LOVE honesty!) but give her time. Give her time to process the bomb and friendship changing decision that you just made. Let her think things through and pray about. This is something that will be hard to process and if she is like me, she needs to pray about it. 

I am a strong believer in TIME. I believe that everything happens when it should at God’s perfect timing. So believe me when I say give her time.

To my friend that I thought I knew,  if you really knew me, you would have known what decision I would have made. You would have let me think things through. You would have prayed with me, not just for me. You would have known, in time, I would have chose you. 

But the ship has sailed. By now, it’s probably halfway to Jamaica. With my feelings for you on it. Because apparently, my feelings didn’t matter enough for you to give me a little time. 

How do you like them apples?? 


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