We Win in the End.


I recently had the opportunity to chaperone a youth trip to a concert near by. I was ecstatic to know that one of my all time favorite artists, Natalie Grant, would be performing. It never fails that her music will have you worshipping. Her songs speak right to the heart. One of the songs that I just can not get out of my head since Saturday is her song, “In The End”.

“Can’t catch a break
You’ve had your fill of old clichés
Like “life is hard but God is good”
And even though it’s true
It won’t stop what you’re going through
I wish that I could say it would

But He’s outside of what you feel
It might not make sense
But one day it will

There’s coming a day the sun will always shine
He’s gonna wipe away every tear from your eyes
Hold on my brother, things are gonna better
You’re gonna smile again
Cause we win in the end”

Recently I have been so overwhelmed with what was put in front of me. I have found myself crying instead of praying. I have found myself crying that I feel like I am always losing. This song spoke to me.

One day, we will be called home to be with the ONE TRUE KING. What a glorious day it will be when we will see those pearly gates and see those streets of gold. WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY IT WILL BE TO BE WITH OUR HEAVENLY FATHER?!?!

We will no longer cry and there will be no more cloudy skies. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to be called home. I would not be heartbroken if he would come right now at this very moment. Lord, call me home.

I have found myself stressing and finding the negative. I am one that always finds the positive. So here I am in front of you finding the positive. Whatever you are going through, and whatever you are dealing with, know that the Lord has plans for you. Bigger plans than you could ever imagine. You WILL smile again. So wipe away those tears. The Lord is coming soon.

You smiling yet?? Good. You should be. WE WIN IN THE END.

Lord, I come to you to pray for the readers. I pray that whatever they are going through, God, they will call upon you. I pray that they will one day see the bigger picture. You are coming soon and taking us home. All these things that are trying to tear us down and making us feel like we can only lose will no longer matter. WE WIN IN THE END! Lord we love you. We praise you. Amen.



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